About ResearchStory

ResearchStory automates the analysis of survey research, highlighting major findings from crosstabulations, selecting top quotes through textual analysis, and unlocking relationships between questions.

Crosstabulations are key to understanding differences in response by demographics and types of organizations. While ResearchStory generates hundreds of crosstabs in an Excel file, it highlights in PowerPoint those with the largest statistically significant differences that pass a set of heuristics. This can save a dozen hours of labor per project. ResearchStory presents such tables in a more readable form than traditional crosstabs, drawing the eye to statistically significant differences without bogging the reader down in technical detail.

While open-ended questions provide important color commentary, the sheer volume of responses can overwhelm all but the most diligent sponsor of a study. ResearchStory summarizes verbatim responses in word clouds that are uniquely built for survey research, showing words in proportion to the number of respondents mentioning them, not the number of times a word was used: so the respondent who said "Price, price, price!" only counts towards price once. Stemming and multiword phrases are supported, and quotes are organized and reported by phrase. Heuristics determine the top 10 quotes to any verbatim response.

Unlike solutions designed around templates, ResearchStory looks for patterns in questionnaires to perform additional analysis. Follow-up "Why?" questions are crosstabulated by the closed-end question they follow. Drilldown matrix questions on satisfaction, performance, and quality are automatically correlated against the overall question to derive the relative importance of each attribute. Questions using a common scale are shown visually together. And so forth.

Automated survey analysis accelerates the reporting of findings and improves the quality of such findings by avoiding the need for manual work and documentation. After using ResearchStory for nearly four years to power its bestselling research projects, Researchscape is now providing access to the system.